Thứ Hai, 25 tháng 5, 2009

Watching Office for lease in your house, save time

that that way I do, you can see the office first, you want to choose or not, but you don't waste time, in your office you can choose what you want, video up there, that is an example, when you cantact with me you can see more... remember my email, thank you for watching, reading, and cantacting..

at the moment, there are alot of real estate project, such as Van Canh urban project, that is so hot for investator...if some one cares about that contact me...

Thứ Bảy, 23 tháng 5, 2009

Hanoi real estate for rent is coming down

at the moment, house and office for rent price is quickly coming down, affected global sick economy, rent price of high standard apartment compititive june 2008 and 2009 coming down from 60 usd per m2 to 30 usd/m2, so now alot of apartments as well as offices and villas are closed, althoung apartment, house, office, villa is upgrade hightly builted and good price, owner's are waiting for..... - specialize in renting house, willa, office for foeiriner, as project consultant

dau tu bat dong san

hien tai chung khoan dang chenh venh, co le dau tu vao bat dong san la on dinh hon ca, khong phai doc hich chung khoan, van te chung khoan, khong mat ca tri lan trai

Thứ Tư, 20 tháng 5, 2009

Project consutant

at the moment, real estate market in Hanoi that is hot for foreigner, or otherwise real estate in Hanoi is open door for business man, a lot of high building in Hanoi that means it bring profit for investment...please quick to earn, 0975142865

Thứ Ba, 19 tháng 5, 2009

Office for lease, house for rent

at that time, we have some high standard apartment and Office in hanoi, if some foreigner want to open company or to live in Hanoi, please contact us, you will have something in good values, duong 0975142865. bat dong san la viec cua chung toi

hien nay co rat nhieu cong ty kinh doanh bat dong san, nhung theo quan diem cua toi hien tai la chua tot nen chung toi mo trang website vua kinh doanh vua de moi nguoi tham khao gop y kien sao cho cong ty hoat dong tot cung nhu bat dong san tai hanoi mang tinh chuyen nghiep hon, xin cam on nhung ai da doc nhat la gop y kien cho chung toi